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Electric Mandolin

An Irregular Publication for a Dysfunctional Society

11/8/04 05:23 pm - charisma - Electric Mandolin is here!

Electric Mandolin - an irregular publication for a dysfunctional society

Our first issue features articles, short stories, reviews, photos, serial fiction, columns, poems, comics, and jokes from over 20 contributers from all around the world! EM staff includes published professional authors and artists to bring you an entertaining and attractive 'zine. Disembodied hands are not included.

Preview on the web at: http://labarc.com/EM/IssueOne.html

Full 8.5 x 11 size- 22 black & white pages - only $2 dollars for USA , $ 4 dollars internationally (price includes shipping). Subscriptions are also available.
Please visit http://www.labarc.com/EM/ for details.

Will trade for other quality 'zines - please contact ElectricMandolin@gmail.com, or AIM: Lab Arc Designs to request/arrange a trade.

Currently seeking distros to carry EM - please contact ElectricMandolin@gmail.com or AIM: Lab Arc Designs to make arrangements.

We're now taking submissions for our upcoming Issue Two. EM is open to all kinds of work - see the website for submission guidlines.

Want to advertise your 'zine, distro, website, or product in EM? Check out our low prices at:

EM's live journal community, el_man is the place for news and updates. Visit EM on the web at http://www.labarc.com/EM/ .

(( Feel free to copy and paste this everywhere you can think of to advertise our 'zine. =) Be sure to follow the guidlines of where you're posting to, of course.))

11/7/04 09:04 pm - charisma - Web issue one is here !



Now we can concentrate on issue two. Send those submissions in!

PS: We have a new staff member! Please welcome _shelma . Shelma will be our web editor, which means that things are likely to get a lot better looking around here. =)

All print copies have been sent out, save for a few contributers who gave us their addresses late, and a couple of new subscribers - these should be on their way out Tuesday, and then we'll be entirely done with issue one.

10/30/04 05:27 pm - dee1980 - Hopeful Promo..

Do you have a manuscript that you need typing up but don't have the time to do it? Do you have an idea that you want to write down? Are you full of creative juices but have no way of letting them flow?
Well, here at The Empty Pen you can do all of the above and more. We are a completely open community and there will be weekly updates once we get started. So come on in, grab a coffee and let us know what type of writer you are.

Hopefully this is ok to post here, if not feel free to delete this post. Saying that though i am already hopeing that you'll agree to mutual linkage. If i have still breached some sort of rules however please don't hesitate to delete the post. If you do all i ask is that you let me know. Thank you.


10/29/04 10:43 pm - charisma - New Staff member!

Please welcome our assistant art editor, shaharazad (Rick Silva) . Rick is one half of the talented husband and wife team behind Zephyr and Reginald: Minions for Hire. You can see more of his work up at Dandelion Studios - http://www.dandelionstudios.com

10/28/04 05:21 pm - charisma - News and Updates

Yesterday, contributor's print copies were sent out to every contributor I have an address for. If I don't have your address, you don't have a copy on the way until I do have your address. (Kara, this includes you. I know I should have your address somewhere, but I don't - and I would love to send your copy so please email it to me.)

Subscriber copies will be sent out early next week.

Aus, our technical editor, is in the process of redoing the EM webpage to be better organized. Subscription information will now be on its own page, more clear and together, and will include info on how to send in a check or money order if you don't use Paypal. Hopefully this new-improved-version will be up tonight or tomorrow.

Working on creating an EM staff LJ community so we can hash out some of this behind the scenes stuff a bit easier.

Because I want to kill my HTML editor, Web Issue One is taking muchlonger than I thought it would. I'm going to try Dreamweaver, and see if that makes things better.

You can go ahead and start sending in your submissions for issue two to ElectricMandolin@gmail.com , with a subject of Submissions. If you really want to be extra helpful, include the type of submission (Sub Poetry , Sub Comic, Sub Article. .. etc.) so we know which of our lovely staff members gets to review it. Features- if you are one of our featured presentations, please get your issue two feature piece(s) in as soon as possible.

We're looking at an estimated time table that goes something like this...
1-3 weeks of Nov - accepting submissions for issue two; hunting for advertisers
4th week Nov- 1st week Dec - assembly, production, print...
2nd week of Dec - release & distribution (just in time for Christmas!)

Will it actually work that way? Well, only time will tell. We're definitely learning something new about 'zine making every day - so it's bound to get easier as we go.

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Just hit up the reply.

10/20/04 04:41 pm - charisma - Poetry of Laura Cushing & Electric Mandolin 'zine now available for online ordering

Online ordering for Tiny Piney Press is up at:


Please take a look at my chapbooks and Electric Mandolin - and if you're feeling so inclined, make an order! Help struggling poets feed their families, and order all three for a special discount price. I'll be happy to write any sort of dedication you'd like on any of them.

Plus, you'll see pictures of disembodied hands! Who doesn't love disembodied hands? Give it a click.

10/20/04 02:23 pm - charisma - EM promo image & news

This is going on the Tiny Piney Press order page for EM, which has a motif that features disembodied hands.

EM website issue is going to be up (ideally) tomorrow; EM issue one will be all mailed out to all contributers this weekend (Friday/Saturday). Issue two call for submissions will start on Monday.

We welcome two new EM staff members, Glenn Charles and Ryanne Thomas. Still haven't worked out the exact details of what Glenn'll be covering position-wise but we'll figure that out as we go. Ryanne will be handling our art department.

EM could still use a few more dedicated staffers - in particular, I could use someone who's good with web-based content (more than just basic HTML, which is all I can do).

10/11/04 09:59 pm - charisma - Status

We went to print, and the issue looks rather nice. I'm going to scan in the front and back covers to show after I get unlazy again. Yes, this weekend was very draining. You can read all about it in my journal. I'm taking the good majority of this week to recover from the fun =)

But next week I'll be mailing out the EM contributor's copies. If I haven't received your address in, be sure to send it in! I'll also be putting together the web content.

Submissions for issue two are wide open!

I'm thinking that every two months sounds like a good area to shoot for - that'd mean we'd run about six-ish issues per year.

Also, if you're looking for plenty of work without paythe exciting opportunity to become a member of the EM staff, please feel free to submit your qualifications and what you can contribute to the cause via email.

Also, though the cover price of this issue in person was one dollar... we discovered (afterwards, oops) that printing costs (until we can find someone with photocopier access ) are actually running us somewhat over a dollar per issue. So it's either we find sponsors, or raise the price to two dollars per issue.



10/7/04 06:47 pm - charisma - I bet you thought we were dead

But we're less than dead!

The print version of EM is on its way to being published- should be out this weekend! Delays were mostly due to personal problems - my son broke his arm, I had issues with the press that was going to be putting out my second book of poetry, etc. But it's all good now. Thanks for waiting patiently!

Looks like we've got 24 pages total; front page consists of an article by Vladimir (It Ain't Easy Being Metal), a Zephyr and Reginald comic (from those wonderful folks at Dandelion Studios), a little blurb about EM, and a Philosopher's Stone by Kevin. The back cover features a lovely photograph by Lynda, a list of contributers and such.

The web version of EM may take a bit longer - we're looking at having everything together by end of next week, however.

Questions? Comments?

9/12/04 09:10 pm - charisma - One last minute entry...

I know I said submissions were closed and all that for issue one... but I've got one more piece to add to the list of what's being included in the publication.

A small historical article by Ron Bates.

Why did I have to accept one last minute submission? Well, he's my older brother. And he bribed me with food. I am a weak, weak woman when it comes to ice cream..
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