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I bet you thought we were dead

But we're less than dead!

The print version of EM is on its way to being published- should be out this weekend! Delays were mostly due to personal problems - my son broke his arm, I had issues with the press that was going to be putting out my second book of poetry, etc. But it's all good now. Thanks for waiting patiently!

Looks like we've got 24 pages total; front page consists of an article by Vladimir (It Ain't Easy Being Metal), a Zephyr and Reginald comic (from those wonderful folks at Dandelion Studios), a little blurb about EM, and a Philosopher's Stone by Kevin. The back cover features a lovely photograph by Lynda, a list of contributers and such.

The web version of EM may take a bit longer - we're looking at having everything together by end of next week, however.

Questions? Comments?
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Yay! :D
Well done, looking foward to getting my copy!

Best wishes

p.s hope your son is ok!
Let me know when/if you need it.
P.S. I'm naturally going through entries backward, as they appear.