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We went to print, and the issue looks rather nice. I'm going to scan in the front and back covers to show after I get unlazy again. Yes, this weekend was very draining. You can read all about it in my journal. I'm taking the good majority of this week to recover from the fun =)

But next week I'll be mailing out the EM contributor's copies. If I haven't received your address in, be sure to send it in! I'll also be putting together the web content.

Submissions for issue two are wide open!

I'm thinking that every two months sounds like a good area to shoot for - that'd mean we'd run about six-ish issues per year.

Also, if you're looking for plenty of work without paythe exciting opportunity to become a member of the EM staff, please feel free to submit your qualifications and what you can contribute to the cause via email.

Also, though the cover price of this issue in person was one dollar... we discovered (afterwards, oops) that printing costs (until we can find someone with photocopier access ) are actually running us somewhat over a dollar per issue. So it's either we find sponsors, or raise the price to two dollars per issue.


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