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News and Updates

Yesterday, contributor's print copies were sent out to every contributor I have an address for. If I don't have your address, you don't have a copy on the way until I do have your address. (Kara, this includes you. I know I should have your address somewhere, but I don't - and I would love to send your copy so please email it to me.)

Subscriber copies will be sent out early next week.

Aus, our technical editor, is in the process of redoing the EM webpage to be better organized. Subscription information will now be on its own page, more clear and together, and will include info on how to send in a check or money order if you don't use Paypal. Hopefully this new-improved-version will be up tonight or tomorrow.

Working on creating an EM staff LJ community so we can hash out some of this behind the scenes stuff a bit easier.

Because I want to kill my HTML editor, Web Issue One is taking muchlonger than I thought it would. I'm going to try Dreamweaver, and see if that makes things better.

You can go ahead and start sending in your submissions for issue two to ElectricMandolin@gmail.com , with a subject of Submissions. If you really want to be extra helpful, include the type of submission (Sub Poetry , Sub Comic, Sub Article. .. etc.) so we know which of our lovely staff members gets to review it. Features- if you are one of our featured presentations, please get your issue two feature piece(s) in as soon as possible.

We're looking at an estimated time table that goes something like this...
1-3 weeks of Nov - accepting submissions for issue two; hunting for advertisers
4th week Nov- 1st week Dec - assembly, production, print...
2nd week of Dec - release & distribution (just in time for Christmas!)

Will it actually work that way? Well, only time will tell. We're definitely learning something new about 'zine making every day - so it's bound to get easier as we go.

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Just hit up the reply.
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